The infamous Maple Leafs "Butt Logo" has found a new home. reported that twitter user @13WillieBeamen has described the new Leafs jersey, a description confirmed by two other sources. The jersey presents the throwback logo in a way that is ultramodern and without much adornment, an even more minimalist presentation than their current jersey.


They won't be officially unveiled until Friday evening but SportsLogos.Net has learned a few details about what the new uniforms of the Toronto Maple Leafs will look like. Thanks to a series of Tweets from Twitter user @13WillieBeamen, the content of which was later confirmed to us by two other sources, we now know the Leafs will be going with a very basic design, more basic even than what the club wore this past season.No shoulder logos or yoke, a single wide stripe at the waist, two stripes on each arm, a lace-up collar, and the new primary logo on the chest.

The result is, um.

Definitely minimal!

Questions remain. Will those arm stripes be closer together? (Please yes.) Will that white cummerbund be a little lower? (Please yes.) Will the back of one of them be adorned by STAMKOS 91? (Hmm.)

The earliest we will likely get an answer to our questions is the draft, when the organization has a chance to debut the new jersey with their #1 overall selection -- much like the Oilers did last year with Connor McDavid.


According to an Icethetics user, maybe it will look like this: