Three big extensions yesterday, as Kane, Toews, and Schneider are signed to their current teams for a lonnnng time.

Contract news:

A Great Day In Blackhawks History - Second City Hockey
Toews and Kane sign contract extensions, 8 years, 10.5M each.

Ducks sign what’s left of Dany Heatley for 1 year, $1 million
Kesler, Perry, Heatley, funnnn.

Goaltender Cory Schneider gets 7-year, $42 million deal with Devils
That's a lot of scratch for a guy who's never started more than 45 games in a season.

Leafs stuff:

Shanahan Met with Media
Seriously, they didn't miss out on anyone!

Vintage Leafs: A whole lotta Al Iafrate
Some new pictures up at VintageLeafs.

Other stuff:

Seriously, Points Aren’t Offence |
Boxcar stats taking a hit.

Set Play Klaxon! |
I'd love to see broadcasts call this stuff out during the intermission, but it's tougher than putting Healy on screen to embarrass himself for 10 minutes.

Why would Evander Kane want to play for Winnipeg Jets anymore? | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports
The Winnipeg Media continues their hilarious hack job on a great player. I hope he's traded for nothing and the team suffers as a result.

Postmortem on Draft Predictions - Assessing Accuracy - The Copper & Blue
Checking out the accuracy of pre-draft rankings.

Regarding NHL Equivalencies - The Copper & Blue
What factors other than source league should be taken into consideration when discussing NHL equivalencies?