Seldo's article made me go back and think about my first ever published articles at the site, so you're welcome for what I've found after snooping through the last page on my author page. These next couple articles are from the 17/18 season when I was barely. 21-year-old lad and much more naive.

Why are you a fan?
Adam is on a mission to find out why we do the things we do for a game?

First up, a headline I don't think I've yet to top. For a kid trying to be super edgy at the time, this was pretty funny.

Orange you glad you waited 88 minutes for that? Maple Leafs lose 3-2 to Flyers
Permission to beat him with a stick, boss?

Next up, OMG Hardev, what have you done. As I read this article, I kept screaming to myself, "where is Willy??" I appreciate that I at least gave myself one line that might attempt at playing some defense. This is also how sad it looks when you try to balance offense over four lines.

Leivo - Matthews - Marner
Marleau - Kadri - Brown
Hyman - Nylander - Kapanen
van Reimsdyk - Bozak - Moore

PPP Fixes The Leafs’ Lines
Our gang tries to put together the best possible forward combinations.

And finally, some things never change:

Hardev: Nothing’s more fun than seeing a group of people double down on their stupidity and still fail. The media, front office, and fanbase in Edmonton is so out of touch with what it means to have a good hockey team and what it takes to succeed that it’s so invigorating to see them fail.
PPP Playoffs roundtable: We have opinions
What do we think of the Leafs and the rest of the playoff teams? Can we agree on anything? Read our most sober and serious opinions here.

Various Leafs and Branches

Big Jim thought Fulemin's satire was an actual Mark Spector article. You can't make this stuff up.

It was a very quiet day in the NHL yesterday after the full slate the day before. EF gave some thoughts, though I didn't appreciate a repeat of "Europeans are soft when they come to NA" when it came to Leo Carlsson and using Hirvonen's injury to make that point. Nothing else on the Leafs, other than a list of overpaid players who want to be traded.

Looks like teams are deciding to stay home and run the draft from their own offices rather than in the host city.

The Seattle Kraken have shared sneak peeks at their speciality jerseys for this season. I hope no one at the NHL had an aneurysm seeing that tweet.