Welcome to the FTB. We start with the short, but excruciating story of John Klingberg, and the Maple Leafs. He's done for the season, his $4.15 million cap hit is on LTIR, and the Leafs now have clarity on how much they can spend on defensive help.

It doesn't appear the help will be coming in the form of a Klingberg replacement, as the rumours are Chris Tanev and others like him. To me, that says Liljegren has reclaimed the job of PP2 quarterback and second offensive defender behind Rielly – all while still being on IR.

John Klingberg to have season ending surgery
And now we know.

Brad Treliving spoke to the media yesterday. You can see the full interview starting at 11:47 in the video. Maybe worth sticking around to watch Tavares' presser because of a story later in the FTB. Also maybe stick around for Keefe because of what he said during practice.

On Treliving, I don't really know what he's going to do to overhaul this roster. Starting with someone to play with McCabe (ideally who's better, but I doubt that's possible). Then finding someone who can actually drive a third line's possession that's not Järnkrok.

Keefe wasn't happy with the effort at practice. His first outburst since the first few weeks of the season.

Tavares once crashed Doug Weight's Range Rover. And, John, no way Doug Weight was driving a 15+ year old car, you can't say it was on its way out anyways.

This is a very good, detailed, summary of the very messy path it's taken for Women's Hockey to reach the PWHL. Sports are messy, people (especially people with money) are messy. The sport doesn't have the fairy tale history, it's been a slog to get to one league with stable ownership, and resources and rights for players. People have picked sides, gone into their corners. There's a lot in here about the cheapness of the PHF that got swept under the rug. Lake Placid? Wow.

Why did the chicken cross the blueline? (John Klingberg let him in)
What position does a chicken play? (Wing)
What does a chicken and Ryan Reaves have in common? (both their legs are fried)

ECHL’s Tyutyayev Penalized for Shooting Chicken Nugget into Crowd
Toledo Walleye forward Kirill Tyutyayev received a ten-minute misconduct penalty for shooting a chicken nugget over the glass into the crowd.

Mark my words, Ovechkin is going to take Bleacher Report calling his race to get Gretzky a loser personally. He's still going to hit 40 this year despite only five so far.

Winners and Losers from First 2 Months of NHL Season
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Things are going exactly to plan in Chicago as they get set to draft Bedard's running mate for the next decade or two.

Connor Bedard is living up to the hype, but Blackhawks remain one of the NHL’s worst teams | TSN
Asked how he processes losing, Connor Bedard recalled one of his seasons with the Regina Pats — his junior hockey team in Canada.