After Toronto’s loss to Arizona on Monday, Sheldon Keefe joined Leafs fans in having some criticisms for his players. Specifically his elite players who he thought didn’t play like it against the league’s worst of the worst.

To be completely clear, I agree with Keefe because this is not the first or the fifth time the Leafs have played down to their opponent. But I’m not the coach of the team and I don’t have to care if they’re ticked off with what I say to the press. And Keefe did get called out by his players who asked him to explain himself in a closed door meeting.

This season has not had a great start, and everyone seems to be on edge. After the first game, Keefe was already trying to avoid using one of his “arrows in the quiver” to yell and scream after only one game. Now it’s four and things still seem to be stagnating. On the bright side, there’s lots of season left. Which is also the opposite of the bright side for those who see the glass the other way. .

I do like that Marner had to point out he’s a grown man. Yeah, you told them, Mitch!

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Seldos rejoice as we got a leak for the Lightning’s upcoming Storm jerseys.

ESPN ranked Matthews 3rd and Marner 11th, ahead of Crosby. One absolute shocker was the omission of Patrice Bergeron. Big miss there, but I have to think they skipped him in case he retired before this series was posted.

Gabriel Landeskog will be out for a while after requiring surgery.

And Aaron Ekblad is on LTIR, but despite that they beat the undefeated Flyers 4-3 thanks to two goals from Carter Verhaeghe.