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Matt Murray is back! Or at least he seems to have shaken off the rust from his game against the Kraken in his last two starts, stopping 34/36 and 31/32 vs Philly and Nashville respectively. Last night was a fun back and forth performance that was 2-1 but could’ve easily been 6-5 with different goalies.

Recap: Leafs beat the Predators in the last minutes

It was fun to watch, and Marner’s late goal saved us from the doldrums of mid-season OT against an opponent you don’t really care about. Fun game all around!

Hopefully the team’s got something left in the tank for the second game of their back to back in Detroit tonight at 7. On the downside, the Leafs won’t have home ice advantage to... make sure the refs don’t keep missing blatant calls.

With the Leafs’ overall success this season — they’re 2nd in league points percentage — a lot of people have been talking about Dubas’ contract situation. His contract is up this year, and there’s debate over whether the Leafs should re-sign him before having won a round with him at the helm. PPP-alum Kevin Pappetti has written the case for extending Dubas before the playoffs in an article for The Athletic (it is paywalled).

Should he stay or should he go? The case for a Kyle Dubas extension

I’m with Kevin on this one, I think Dubas’ success with the Leafs is undeniable and they should extend him as soon as possible. Once he wins a couple rounds, his ask won’t come cheap. What do you think?

Should the Leafs extend Dubas...

After the playoffs, whether he wins a round or not81
After the playoffs, but only if they win a round115

In non-Leafs’ news, the Erie Otters had some really nice jerseys designed for their Black History night game.

The designer, Jordan Dabney, has also posted on twitter explaining a bit of the thought-process behind different aspects of the design. It’s really awesome to get to see the ideation behind this kind of artistic project, and the final jerseys look really great too!

And finally, in broader hockey news, this twitter thread by Gord Miller is a useful in-depth explanation, coming from discussions with international sports representatives, of why Russia probably won’t be back to international competitions any time soon.

Have a great Thursday everyone!