Leafs' Kadri doing extra work on skating
Yes, yes, this story is from the Sun, but hey, we're in the doldrums of summer and this is a shred of news.

Big minutes: Breaking down Dion Phaneuf
Cam Charron looks at Phaneuf's poor possession numbers in light of his tough competition and poor teammates.

Ragin' for Stajan: A Bozak Comparison

Jon Steitzer believes that Matt Stajan is definitely the superior player.

Taking the late summer temperature of Maple Leaf supporters…

Michael Langlois at VLM wants to know.

Understanding jersey numbers in our current era

From Justin Bourne at BHS.

The new playoff format is baffling, awful and interesting I guess?

Ryan Lambert is upset.

Roberto Luongo has tires stolen from SUV in most ironic crime ever perpetrated

I'm not sure this is irony, but it's still kind of crazy.

Zone Exits: An introduction

Kent Wilson explains why they're interesting, important, and why you should get involved.

Can You Predict NHL Success From +1 Season Data?

Justin Azevedo looks at players' draft year +1 to see how it correlates to eventual player success in the NHL.

Your Goalie May Vary, Part II: Looking at Single-Game Save Percentages

A good post by holiday park at Fear The Fin. Go check this one out.