My girlfriend’s father is a very punctual man, and he really appreciated it when I was early for a date with his daughter one time. In the most modest way possible, the NHL needs to learn a thing or two from me and arrive at decisions at the time specified. Or better yet, specify a time at least?

So far with the Return to Play, there have been so many delays and circle backs that I have little confidence in their project actually working. They never ended up doing the Draft despite announcing in May that it would happen before the end of June. Hub City locations were initially put in writing to be determined by June, it is July now. Poor Bob has been saying “today, maybe?” for weeks now. All of this tells me the NHL’s initial plans and hopes didn’t match the reality of the world and they’ve had to adjust and compensate constantly since.

Chris Johnston is now reporting two dates for the Return to Play that seem important. July 13th for the opening of training camps in the teams’ local cities. And July 25th for the beginning of the Hub City portion of the plan. I don’t know who his sources are, they could be Gary Bettman for all I know, but I will believe it when I see it when it comes to what is being said actually coming to pass.

Despite my many unresolved issues with the NHL trying to play games during a pandemic, I miss hockey and want to see it back. Games (or at least a date to look forward to) have been promised for a really long time, and so far I wouldn’t be surprised if August turns into September for a start date.

I get to watch Formula 1 tomorrow as the first of eight races in Europe are set to happen this weekend. They announced the new calendar about a month ago and they’re following through, and it’s a great feeling for me as a fan to be able to get excited for something and then have it happen according to plan. Right now I don’t know where the NHL’s plan leads.

Hub Cities

As Vegas spikes in COVID-19 cases, it looks like the NHL’s dream to have a tournament there is erased. The Day One option might finally be off the table for good.

As a result, unless the NHL agrees to follow Vancouver’s rules for keeping asymptomatic people away from people who tested negative, the Hub Cities are going to be Toronto and Edmonton. Yeah, the USA could’ve had all this NHL revenue come to two of their cities and help those economies, but nope, they didn’t want to wear a mask.

Ryan Kesler, now retired, popped on Twitter to be a troll to Edmonton fans, who hate him. As Katya perfectly put it in the site chat, “He’s so anti-Oilers, he should be a Leafs fan.” His flamethrowing aside, there’s a real chance the NHLPA vetoes Edmonton and the league will have to circle back to Vancouver. As a fellow Leafs, I think Ryan would agree with me that such a development would be hilarious. bUt OuR mOuNtAiNs!

CBA Tidbits

NHL and NHLPA set to make a CBA deal of the century

Unlike Nick Robertson, who was already signed to an ELC, top prospects in Montreal, Minnesota, and New York will not be able to sign contracts for this year and join the Return to Play Protocol. We think.

This flat cap really sucks for the Leafs. I’m glad there’s the possibility for players to opt out of the playoffs, it’s embarrassing the culture that they’re bad people and bad “brothers” in the room for not agreeing to risk their health for the playoffs. When it’s a broken leg, no one seems to care, but now that there’s a pandemic, maybe people will understand.

While the idea of people from around the world gathering together makes me squeamish, this sounds pretty nice.

Various Hockey Branches

Freddy’s got nothing better going on, bring on the games!

Whatever the reason, that’s talent lost from the NHL.

Happy Anniversary!


I hope this leads to the same thing happening for the Chicago hockey team. I don’t care if they’re an Original Six team. The Leafs have changed their name twice over the years and each new name is now a proud part of their history.