It was the start of the official All-Star Game festivities last night, and that meant Auston, Mitch and Freddie were left off the leash without supervision. And you know what that mans, right?

First, a pretty fun goalie kit for Freddie! D’awww he had his smol sons added to his mask. Adorable!

And then there was the fashion choices... let’s just say that if Annie survived last night without having an aneurysm, she’s gonna have a field day in the next fashion recap.

There was also the Canadian and American women having a kickass 3 on 3 tournament, which had all the fun personality without all the dull “meh, I’m drunk and don’t feel like trying very hard” typical for the men’s all star game festivities.

The Bye Week forced we here at PPP to find something to occupy our time, lest we turn to hard liquor. Here are the results of our efforts to get you through the weekend:

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Canada beats U.S. in 3-on-3 women’s game at NHL all-star skills competition | by, YELL YEAH THEY DID

No other skills competition gifs will be shared, because holy hell it was dull. I called that shoot from the stands thing dumb from the start and I was not disappointed.