Let’s talk about Toronto and how cold it’s gotten, hitting rock bottom this weekend.

As I write this it’s -21° Celsius. Even colder with the wind. I have a dog that really wants to run around in the snow and, more importantly, go to the bathroom, but when she’s in the snow for longer than 10 seconds she starts whimpering because the cold and the salt hurt her paws.

That’s why winter is the most overrated and worst season of the year. Christmas is expensive and stressful. No one likes cold temperatures. No one likes snow except for a week-long window around Christmas so they get the traditional holiday spirit. Otherwise, it’s just damn inconvenient and brings about the absolute worst in already terrible drivers.

If someone wants to invent snow that can exist at like 5 degrees above zero, I’m here for that. Until then it can kindly sod off.

What’s that? The Leafs lost last night to the Arizona Coyotes in frustrating fashion? Meh. Shit happens. They’re still a good team going through a funk. They have like half a season to sort it out. A team with Auston Matthews, John Tavares, Frederik Andersen, Mitch Marner, William Nylander, Nazem Kadri, Jake Gardiner, Kasperi Kapanen and others will not have these results for the rest of time.

They’re in that frustrating phase that happens to every team at least once during a season where all their little mistakes wind up in their net, but they can’t seem to break through or catch a break to get their own goals. The winning goal was bounced off of Andersen’s butt from behind the crease.

It’s no fun to be full of anger, frustration and forecasting the apocalypse. It seems bad now, but when they figure it out again and suddenly they’re scoring goals again and winning games even against Tampa (hey, remember they beat Tampa in a game they played well in like two games ago?) this stretch will all be forgotten come playoff time.


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Bad news for Andreas Johnsson...

Expect the Leafs to call up someone, likely Trevor Moore, to fill in for Johnsson who had finally got it going this year. I hope it’s not serious and he can come back after a short time off.

Speak of the devil!

Babcock (via Shilton) also added an update on Gardiner’s situation:

Have a happy Monday to everyone! Hope you survive the frigid temperature and the hysteria in Leafs land on Twitter and in the media that’s sure to come.

Do you still believe in the Toronto Maple Leafs?

While I’m miffed at their current stretch I realize they aren’t likely to continue at the same level through the season128