Welcome to the first episode of Back to Excited, PPP’s new Leafs podcast, hosted by myself and our very own Acting the Fulemin. Last week, we floated the idea of a podcast to you guys, and tried to take into account some of the feedback we received, which was all very helpful. Not all podcasts will necessarily be Leafs-centric, but for the first one, we mostly stuck to that.

Topics include:

  • Our opinions on the Leafs offseason, the Marleau deal specifically, and why we can’t just send him to the Island [0:42]
  • A T25U25 preview, where we discuss Fulemin’s insane ranking philosophy where everyone is a failure [18:56]
  • Player vs. player rankings, including Nylander vs. Marner [33:28]
  • Making fun of Sabres fans for thinking Ristolainen is better than Rielly, because that’s ridiculous and he’s bad [44:45]/

We’ve decided to host on Soundcloud, which means there may only be a few days for you to listen to it before they go belly-up. You can also download it from Soundcloud for offline playback, if you like.

One final note: the audio quality is not awful, but this also isn’t the best produced podcast you will have ever listened to. We will fix that as soon as possible, so please bear with us. Let us know what feedback you have in the comments, and feel free to ask questions - we may have a Q&A segment going forward.