Yeah yeah the Leafs beat the Sens in overtime, they're closing out the season and locking up their playoff spot, blah blah blah.

The interesting news of the day from yesterday came during the intermission of the Leafs-Sens game, when Jeff Marek revealed reports of a new league that will be formed by the PWHPA.

Here's the important details:

This is all huge news. $35,000 USD as a guaranteed minimum salary (plus benefits) with $55,000 as the average, for six teams between Canada and the USA is basically what they've been after since they formed the PWHPA. It makes being a professional hockey player viable for many women. They may be able to recruit players form overseas as well.

What cities the teams are based in, and therefore where they would have to live, will change how far that money goes for them. It will also be interesting to know if any NHL teams will partner with them, lend or rent their facilities and resources.


Katya took a look at the Hart race, specifically between Matthews and McDavid.

"I wish I could give it to both of them, because they are both spectacular players, more valuable than a dozen replacements each, and they make NHL hockey beautiful. That they do it with different weightings of skills and abilities is why we bother to spend this much time analyzing this dumb game. They are two very different humans, arriving at the same destination by different paths. I know you all want Matthews to win the Hart, and that’s understandable. But if McDavid takes the Hart and Matthews the Conn Smythe, who is upset? (I know, I know, the Johnny Gaudreau fans.)"

The Leafs Nation wrote about the Leafs' latest NCAA signing that sadly was NOT Matthew Knies... Max Ellis.

“I think that’s a big part of it,” Ellis said about development. “The other part was, you know, it’s a historic franchise. I mean, they’re a storied franchise with a high offense and I like the style they play, but yeah, definitely the development. I mean, obviously, they (the Marlies) share the same stuff with the Leafs, so it’s second to none. It’s been fantastic and it’s probably one of the big reasons I signed here.”

The Athletic shared a fun profile on Ilya Lyubushkin, including a rather amusing story of Boosh the Wine Guy.

"Toward the end of the 2018-19 season, a message popped up on the Coyotes group chat that caught most of the team off guard: “Who wants some wine?”

It was Lyubushkin’s NHL rookie season, and not only were his English skills still a work in progress, but he was perhaps still a little reserved. As such, many of his Coyotes teammates didn’t know him very well. But his message to his teammates certainly had them interested. He was heading back to Russia for the offseason and needed to unload a bottle or two, or so Demers thought.

When he arrived at Lyubushkin’s home, Demers instead found hundreds of bottles of fine wine.

“I asked him, ‘How the hell did you get this?’” Demers said.

A short and sweet Sunday FTB. Happy Easter Sunday to you all!