After picking up their first loser point of the year against Detroit, the Toronto Maple Leafs take on one of their major rivals — the Boston Bruins. Boston hasn’t had as much success as you’d expect so far this year, even with David Pastrnak among the league leaders in goals.

Amazing what losing your star center can do to your fortunes.

What’s that? The Leafs had Auston Matthews miss 14 games and Nylander for 28 games and still have the second best record in the league?

Guess when you actually build a team full of talent outside of one line, even missing two star players isn’t such a burden to bear.

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A pair of Calgary Flames received suspensions after a rough game vs the Wild earlier this week.

Just give Polak the Norris now.

Just give Ottawa the first overall pick now. Wait...

Goalie temper tantrum!