There was actually a decent amount of news in the hockey world yesterday, though not much of it was good. It would probably be easier to list people who did NOT have a bad day yesterday.

We’ll start with the more light hearted news, with the announcement of the new name for the college rink in which the Arizona Coyotes will be playing.

Gotta love TSN trying really hard to spin this as a positive. It is definitely the most unique name for an arena among NHL teams, I’ll give it that. But unless they pull a reverse-New York Yankees and insist all players have mullets in their contracts, this is just sad.

Satire is dead.

Speaking of sad, just at a whole other level, there is a bit of news that came out in regards to the ongoing Hockey Canada scandal. Seems like the organization is trying to find the most cowardly way to get their sponsorship money back at the least possible impact to themselves. Thankfully, at least some of said sponsors are unwilling to let them off the hook so easily.

And lastly, we have a whole new scandal, this time within the organization You Can Play. If you somehow haven’t heard of them before, they’re supposed to be an organization who works to “ensure the safety and inclusion for all who participate in sports, including LGBTQ+ athletes, coaches and fans.”


Well, that’s it for me, no more hockey news for a while please. Not sure I can mentally handle any more shitshows in this sport.

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