Halloween is coming on Monday, and we’re going to see some pictures of the costumes various Maple Leafs players wear whenever they have their party. Even though it’s not for a couple of days yet, I had no idea of what else to write about for the FTB sooooooooooo...... Halloween costume rankings (if the recent past) it is!

#5) Corrado and Freddie as Double Waldo

I choose to believe that they didn’t plan to wear matching costumes at all, and it was pure coincidence. That makes it so much better.

#4) Matthews & Rielly as Queen

No one has stopped Auston Matthews since.

#3) Connor Brown and Mitch Marner as the Settlers of Catan

I’m a sucker for Catan. Also it’s a well done group costume, and honestly that fake beard on Marner looks hilarious. I REALLY wanted to rate this #1, but then I saw the next two...

#2) Jake Gardiner as Hey Arnold!

It’s just so good.... I see no reason to describe, explain or justify this any further.

#1) Simply the GOAT costume

TECHNICALLY — this isn’t even a Leafs’ player wearing the costume, it’s Bryan Rust from when Kessel was still in Pittsburgh but I can’t NOT rate this the best. And Kessel wasn’t even with Toronto at the time they wore these costumes. But he was a Leaf at one point so I’m counting it based on the loose connection. And honestly the really crappy “Property of Phil” sign taped to his chest just takes it to a whole other level of amazing.

Rodion Amirov, Ilya Samsonov and the bond they shared together in Toronto | by The Athletic

Toronto has long been cornering the market on wholesome, nice guy goalies.

And so it felt completely normal for Samsonov to do what he did after their postgame conversation finished: Bring Amirov out of the Leafs dressing room, down the hall that separates the opposing teams to a middle point where Amirov could meet Kuznetsov and Ovechkin, one of Amirov’s heroes.

Amirov walked slowly, cautiously, with his head tucked down ever so slightly toward the spot where he would meet Ovechkin. At first, he peered over the dozens of photos of MLSE board members on the wall. When Ovechkin emerged from the visitors dressing room, he extended a hand for Amirov to shake. They spoke for a few minutes, with Amirov constantly nodding along, hanging off every word from Ovechkin or Kuznetsov. He tossed a water bottle back and forth between his hands to calm any nerves he had.

And perhaps picking up on those nerves, Samsonov would dangle a stick between Amirov’s legs and smile, teasing him slightly.

Timothy Liljegren and Jordie Benn start conditioning stints in Toronto Marlies’ victory over Syracuse | by MLHS

My first star of the game would have been Timothy Liljegren. He was immense in all three zones with his play for the goal, solid breakout passes, and zone entries. On the other side of the puck, he dug teammates out of trouble with recovery plays following turnovers, his positioning was fantastic, and he laid one booming hit that the home crowd enjoyed.

“He looked really good,” said Greg Moore. “He is coming off of injury and hadn’t played in a while. He looked very comfortable, very calm, and was skating really well. His defense through the middle of the rink is one of the best I have ever seen.”

Leafs give big to Port aux Basques in kind gesture and donation to Fiona relief fund | CBC

Button received about 18 boxes from the Leafs on Monday morning, filling his office with what he initially thought was a joke.

The boxes are packed with sweaters, hats, coats, blankets and other swag to be distributed throughout the community but also two very personalized items from Leafs president and NHL Hall of Famer Brendan Shanahan.

Vancouver swung a trade last night, not a blockbuster but not nothing either.

He’s ‘nerdy,’ ‘passionate,’ and ‘uniquely Warren’: Meet the Flames’ new organist | CBC

“One of my favourite things to do is to slip a little something into the organ program, if you will, just to see who’s paying attention,” he says.

“Friends who were big hockey fans would let me know if people caught the latest Cardi B song that I dropped or maybe the latest meme that was blowing up.”

Arizona has been getting a lot of flack for their curtain-walled dressing rooms in their unfinished college arena, but this is a genuinely good idea and could help with the atmosphere a lot.