I’ve been of the position for a while that referees in the NHL and all sports should be interviewed by the media after every game. It gives them the opportunity to explain their thinking on calls, and perhaps also a unique perspective from the ice. The only reason to avoid letting referees give their perspective on their actions after a game is if those opinions are convoluted and show impartial arbitrators putting their feet on the scale one way or another.

Why would I say those words specifically? Well...

... I see why the league refuses to let the referees speak after games. If they talked like that, it would be a sporting embarrassment.

“How can we fix our electric systems so no one can hear how messed up our league is!”

Speaking of convoluted and overly difficult, the NHL has changed their Draft Lottery rules yet again. Apparently there’s both too much tanking and also not enough tanking, but also bad teams need to get better, but not too much better or it’ll be unfair. Why are we still doing this? Because the half hour of network TV brings in revenue.

The Montreal Canadiens have postponed their games through the weekend as a result of COVID protocols. The Leafs play in Ottawa on Thursday, and then against the Oilers on Saturday and Monday. So far those teams haven’t been put in the protocol.

The Leafs and Habs have six games between now and the end of the season. It’s possible some of those games get moved around.

Various Leafs and Branches

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William Nylander and Alex Galchenyuk are developing a happy friendship as linemates. Annie will, of course, have more on this development in the coming Fashion Recap.

The Leafs made a lot of moves yesterday, but none of them were really of consequence other than Timothy Liljegren being sent back to the AHL. The Toronto Marlies play tonight and I expect most/all the players below to be in that game.

And regardless of these transactions, Sheldon Keefe is not changing his lineup.

Nature is healing.

Flowers are blooming.