Take it away, Gord.

He later followed up, to make sure he was clear.

Barstool has, like, five talking points for why they should be allowed to be misogynists and Gord hit on them all. Men need to be part of the conversation against sexism and racism, and he did exactly that. We should all follow suit. And speaking of, I hope other major hockey media men echo and repeat this opinion. So far, none have publicly.

Barstool has since begun attacking Miller and his daughter’s account online with slurs, insults, harassment, attacks, and “she asked for it.”

The Maple Leafs are selling George Armstrong patches on Real Sports. “All proceeds will be donated to the True Davidson Acres Home for the Aged at the request of the Armstrong family.” You can get two for $25, not $65 each like some re-sellers found by Seldo on Ebay.

Maple Leafs George Armstrong Commemorative Jersey Patch - 2 Pack

The Buffalo Sabres lost their 12th game in a row last night, tying them for 82nd on the NHL’s all-time winless streak. The franchise record is 14 losses in a row achieved in 2014-15, the McJack-off year. Taylor Hall got hit in the face with a puck from his own teammate in the game, he later returned, but I hear the Leafs are sending an invoice for damages.