A popular rumour account on Twitter quoted a podcast conversation between Jason Gregor, Frank Seravalli, and Chris Johnston on the topic of Zach Hyman and his upcoming contract. Gregor heard the Leafs might have offered Hyman a contract at around $5 million that was turned down.

The rumour started spread, wrongly attributed to Seravalli instead of Gregor, until Seravalli came out and corrected the misquote and denied the rumour as inaccurate in the first place, as he did on the podcast. Hyman’s agent has since also debunked the rumour. Case closed.

Hyman is a good player, but as he approaches unrestricted free agency for the first time, is going to get paid a lot more than the Leafs can afford and should be willing to accept. Whether he makes $5 million, $6 million, or $9 million per year next season, the Leafs are probably out of the running.

This whole story just goes to show that lots of people think they have a source, but that it takes reporting from multiple angles before a story is possible. And in this fanbase, even just asking a question can turn into rumour that was never intended to be one. Sometimes stories don’t come out right away or at all, but it’s just sports, and most of the time it’s not that deep.

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So we didn’t know this was the case, but Nick Robertson had suffered a concussion with the Marlies at the tail end of the season. I don’t think it had an effect on the playoff lineup, but a concussion isn’t something to take lightly and hopefully he can be fully healthy for next season.

Cap Friendly released a list of players on expiring NHL contracts who have signed in Europe. In the commotion of the Leafs loss, it turns out I missed the fact that Kenny Agostino has left to join Torpedo of the KHL. Best of luck to him, he had a good two years with the Marlies as their best player.

Playoffs Update

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Vegas Golden Knights 3, Colorado Avalanche 2 — COL leads series 2-1

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