Later this month, Canada’s national team will play nine other countries for Women’s World Championship gold in 2021. This is an important tournament as the Winter Olympics are less than six months away and Canadians are hungry for more gold after Canada’s soccer team took home the top step in Japan’s Summer Olympics.

There will be a few pre-tournament games starting on August 18th, with the tournament proper beginning on Friday, August 20th — one week from today. Canada is in Group A alongside Finland, Russia’s Doping Olympic Committee, Switzerland, and the United States. Group B has the Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, Japan, and Hungary.

Here is the schedule for the group stage, along with dates and times for the knockout rounds. The tournament will be happening in Calgary. The tournament will use WinSport Arena, a big facility that is part of the Canadian Olympic Village and training facilities. The entire tournament will be in a bubble, despite Alberta’s lack of COVID-19 restrictions.

Games will be played at 2pm, 6:30pm, and 9:30pm ET, so all day every day for a week and a half! All games will be on TSN on cable and online.

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Focusing on the players, Canada released their roster for the tournament (and likely a preview of their Olympic team). Superstar Marie-Philip Poulin will be leading the team alongside familiar faces like Spooner, Jenner, Nurse, Johnston, Ambrose, and Lacquette. However, this year they are joined by some new faces that will hopefully be part of the next generation. It’s time to learn the names Victoria Bach (C), Claire Thompson (LD), Ashton Bell (RD), and Sarah Fillier (C).

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Canada hasn’t won gold in a while, a result of the USA having their best run of form, but also showing the tournament is a lot closer than it was before. Finland, led by Noora Räty, is always strong, with Russia also being a threat. That said, the USA are the number one target.

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Good luck, team. Go get ‘em!

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