You’ve seen our “Why We Hate The” series as we’ve previewed the 2021 Canadian Division sponsored by Molson. Now we rank them.

#7: Why We Hate The Winnipeg Jets*

I think we mostly just feel bad for the Jets. There aren’t any strong feelings, they’re a new team that was okay near the beginning, peaked for a bit with a couple trips to the playoffs, and couldn’t hold any of it together until they became the old, defenseless, mediocre team they are today.

#6: Why We Hate The Edmonton Oilers

I got the feeling we were mostly tired of the Oilers. They’re so passionate about our rivalry while we can’t really find a reason to get up in the morning and give them a head tip of acknowledgement. Every argument is about McDavid and Draisaitl, because there is literally nothing else there. Every training camp, teams like the Oilers and Habs try to argue they’re good because of their depth, but it’s the same story every year. Yawn.

#5: Why We Hate The Vancouver Canucks

The one to kick it all off. Our feud boils down to 4pm start times and the potential that Elias Pettersson will haunt our dreams for the next decade. Beyond that, all we can think of is the Chris Tanev for Timothy Liljegren saga (should we have done it?) and firewagon hockey once or twice a year. Playing the Canucks nine times has the recipe for fireworks this season.

#4: Why We Hate The Ottawa Senators

There is old hate here from the early 2000s and the Sundin vs Alfredsson era. Now, they are at opposite ends of the division with Sens fans having no expectations and everything to be hopeful for. They should be good at that since it’s about their fourth time since the Alfredsson era that they’ve fully rebuilt. Thanks, Eugene.

#3: Why We Hate The Calgary Flames

Leafs fans really hate Alberta, and the Calgary side in particular. The conversation was an interesting combination of Matthew Tkachuk’s hair, someone named Chudd Truckley, and oil entitlement. The Calgary Flames don’t seem very threatening or rage-inducing. But Calgarians, ho boy, there are some harsh words for Calgarians.

#2: Why We Hate The Montreal Canadiens

The comments. Do I need to say any more?

#1: Why We Hate The Toronto Maple Leafs

Because no matter how much we hate the Habs (and it’s a lot) we hate ourselves more. Stay tuned.

Which “Why We Hate The” was the best?

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