So, terrorists stormed and got inside the Capitol Building in Washington, DC yesterday. They stormed in, the sitting president egged them on, and people got killed. Even though this is a hockey blog, I hope you can understand how I haven’t gotten over that part of my day.

When she saw this, Katya mentioned that she remembered when the Boston Celtics used to be an all-white team. We will keep moving forward, no matter what.

Here are the Leafs lines from yesterday’s scrimmage (that I totally guessed correctly). Some observations: I’m happy to see Rourke Chartier as the top extra behind the depth, he beat out some decent players for that spot in the scrimmage. The Leafs are quickly narrowing down their camp roster, expect cuts to the players who didn’t play soon. It’s good that they’re maximizing the time the main players are active because it’s so important to get them going to start the season.

This is fun, can you believe Matthews’ debut was over four years ago? A lot of things were different back in October of 2016. A lot of things.

The AHL Laval Rocket will be playing at Bell Centre this season. This move will keep the AHL players close to the NHL players, and reduce the expenses that go with keeping two buildings running (including testing infrastructure, ice, and maintenance). Expect the Leafs/Marlies to do the same.

The Blue Jackets signed Oliver Bjorkstrand to a five year, $5.4 million extension starting next year.

I have some good news and bad news, Spec. Good news (for me) is that Tyson Barrie is on the Oilers. Bad news, he’s Tyson Barrie. Always has been, always will be. The Avalanche didn’t change that, and neither did Mike Babcock or Sheldon Keefe. Just, no, no with that narrative.

.......Hey wait a minute!