It’s July now and Leafs fans have spent the last couple months reflecting on the depressing postseason that was. We’ve had some news, like Jason Spezza and Wayne Simmonds returning, but those announcements — especially the latter — were mostly responded with “so what” and “this won’t fix the team,” like that was the point. We’ve also had Frederik Andersen’s side saying they’re open to coming back, but that’s been about it. Small stuff.

However, around the league, trade conversations have started to heat up, even as the Stanley Cup Final goes on. The Nashville Predators traded Viktor Arvidsson to the LA Kings for a second and a third round pick, Duncan Keith is rumoured to be moving out west, possibly to Seattle or Edmonton, and Jack Eichel is still in his surgery/trade fight with the Buffalo Sabres.

When are the Leafs going to get in on all of this action? Signing bonuses were paid yesterday, so let’s get on with it, I’m bored. Unfortunately for me, the Leafs probably won’t do much until we get closer to the Expansion Draft period between July 16th and 21st. There will likely be chances for the Leafs to bring in another team’s eighth forward since the team is currently light on forwards worth protecting. After that, the NHL Draft is on July 23rd and 24th, where we better see more than three draft picks selections and Kyle Dubas holding at least three phones at once. Again, signing bonuses will have been paid, draft picks will be up in the air, tension, pressure, someone please do something.

And then it’ll be free agency on July 28th. For now, that’s a massive question mark. Will the Leafs be able to get any big fish? Will they be able to get the small fish they’re interested in? It’s hard to know any of that right now. But I want to know, someone please tell me what the Leafs are going to look like next year because I’m really tired of thinking about the old ones and I sincerely want to if it’s going to be any different next time around.

I’ll also accept TV recommendations in the meantime. Do not say the Amazon series because I will get Fulemin to punch you.

Various Leafs and Branches

No Leafs news, but I’m sure you gathered that.

Here are the details of the Arvidsson trade. Filip Forsberg was not happy to lose his friend.

Jack Eichel wants to have a surgery, the Buffalo Sabres don’t want him to have a surgery. Kevyn Adams is developing the catch-phrase “we’ve been talking every day,” as if that’s not just his job description. This throws a big monkey-wrench in any trade package because no team is going to offer full value for Eichel. This is slowly going to devolve into another ROR situation, namely a lopsided trade if Eichel is healthy someday one way or another.

The Edmonton Oilers are reportedly front runners for Duncan Keith. Boy, would that be fun. For context, Keith is 37, lost his offense, and very much lost his defense (bottom 1% in the league).

Remember kids, if you see something say something.

Not hockey, but check out Vlad with his Dad.