This weekend there are twelve teams fighting for three spots in the final qualification round which will take place in November and involve three more simultaneous tournaments hosted by Czech Republic, Germany and Sweden.

There are three spots available in group B in the Olympics and the winner of each of the three tournaments in November will get a slot.

The opportunity for any of the twelve teams playing this weekend to actually make it to the Olympics is a long long shot indeed but it’s a shot and that’s what makes it exciting for these growing programs

The three teams that get those slots will play alongside Canada, USA, Finland, Switzerland, ROC, Japan, and the host China.

This is a big opportunity for lots of growing programs to sneak into the Olympics in a cycle where Sweden has frankly pooched it after falling out of the top-seven (all the way down to ninth) in the IIHF world rankings.

For more information about the pre-tournament games and where to find the different streams, head over to TIG for the details.

I have British colonial roots so I’m casually cheering for Team GB. It’s exciting to see that country building a hockey program ala Germany in recent years.

Because he isn’t fully vaccinated yet (gotta wait two weeks) Nylander wasn’t invited to the Cheaper By The Dozen 2 cottage trip.

I got lots of time for Josh Ho-Sang. His attitude, his honesty, and his talent.

Here’s a Pontus Holmberg highlight. I was really hoping he would come over to the Marlies sooner than later, but I guess I just have to exercise some patience.


This was some big news broken by Melissa Burgess and Zoe Claire.

Sentencing delayed for Georgina woman who stole $2.365-million from OMHA. “Jennifer Guertin has been under house arrest since pleading guilty March 3, 2020.” There’s a juicy story in the local paper as well as a short story on CBC.

Sentencing delayed for Georgina woman who stole $2.365-million from OMHA
Ontario woman pleads guilty after $2.4M minor hockey fraud | CBC News

Complete aside, but I was thinking the only logical landing place for Evander Kane’s contract has to be Chicago. Nothing else would be a conclusion fit for the saga we’ve had to witness.

I guess Hyman isn’t getting those 60 goals this year. Winger Draisaitl needs his McDavid.

And Carey Price is taking leave from the Habs.