After a lull in the Erik Karlsson news cycle for the past month or so — following a flurry of a trade that was totally going to happen where he’d go to Tampa Bay — it has finally picked up again.

First, rumours about a Western Conference team being the likely destination came out, including the bizarre twist of the Vancouver Canucks being in on him.

Then, reports came out that this was NOT true, because Karlsson was not willing to sign with ANY Canadian team. However, Erik Karlsson himself then decided to clear the air with Elliotte Friedman, and say that this whole confusion came about because of a bad case of broken telephone.

It’s not that Karlsson “wouldn’t sign with any Canadian team”, but that he “wouldn’t just sign with ANY Canadian team”.

So there you have it. With the trade bringing Karlsson to the Leafs imminent, the Toronto Maple Leafs set up a photoshoot of their soon to be star defenseman in his new threads:

I for one welcome our new completely normally pixelated overlords.

First, a reminder that Saturday evening there will be a PPP meetup in Toronto with Annie coming to our lovely city. If you want to make it, you can read the details here.

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Have a great weekend!