I remember it like it was only last year. The Maple Leafs have a back-to-back, Frederik Andersen is the starter, Michael Hutchinson is the backup.

More times than not last year, the Leafs couldn’t find enough unearned confidence in Hutchinson to start him, even against a bad team. So they played Andersen. It, among other things, led to Andersen’s most taxing season and worst results.

Will the team feel forced to give Andersen the nod? They already lost one game to the Ottawa Senators in this, so far, embarrassing min-series. Going Bettman .500 against them would feel catastrophic.

But on the other side, Andersen has played the most of any goalie this season. 15 games, 897 minutes in all situations, and we’re only 37 days into the season. How bad can Hutchinson be? No need to respond, I already know the answer.

The Leafs, like the Marlies, like most teams in the league, are having to turn to some suspect goalies on occasion during this pandemic season. I was excited to have Hutchinson as the Marlies starter, but he’s on the Leafs now and he’s probably going to start tonight while Andrew D’Agostini starts for the third time in four nights for the Marlies. Yes, I know the Marlies have two wins with him in net but I get cold sweats every time the puck crosses the blueline and he leaves his blue ice.

Hutchinson tonight, yes or no


Leafs and Branche

“Without Willie, there’s no one else of colour in the league.” Willie O’Ree will have his #22 retired in Boston tonight. Wayne Simmonds spoke about his legacy, the special skates that are being auctioned off for Black Girl Hockey Club, and the importance of white players and fans being active in the movement.

Simmonds didn’t get to wear the skates in last night’s game due to his injury, but Anthony Duclair received a pair as well and rocked them for Florida. (Also, Kyle, I’m still waiting to see Duclair in blue and white).

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Fellow defensive prospect Topi Niemelä also seems to be out with an injury.

Sports betting is getting bigger in Canada.

While everyone looks at Nylander, I am very concerned about Mikheyev’s shot quality this season. He killed offense when he was on the second line.

If Eric Comrie clears, there’s a chance the Devils will waive Dell too. And that’s the Leafs chance to pounce. If they are the only team to put in a claim, he can be sent to the Taxi Squad or Marlies.