After scoring 33 goals in their first 7 games, the Toronto Maple Leafs’ offense has disappeared the last two games. They’ve only scored 1 goal and had only 8 shots on goal through two periods against Pittsburgh.

The Penguins game the Leafs at least still got shots and chances, but Murray had to make some very good saves. This game was a snore-fest, until the Blues took over in the second period and put the game out of reach.

All of this means that William Nylander clearly has more leverage now, and the Leafs will be forced to sign him for $9 million AAV and trade Auston Matthews in order to afford him. What’s that? A small sample of games doesn’t mean fuck all? The devil you say!

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Last but not least, I want to give special attention to this piece by Ian Tulloch at The Athletic:

Is William Nylander undervalued? An analytical look suggests he is.

It’s a fantastic piece that illustrates all of the things Nylander are good at, that makes him such a special player.

Who should the Leafs trade in order to afford Nylander’s contract?

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