Good morning folks.

It is Saturday morning and we have a Maple Leafs game tonight! It has been a while and the schedule has been weird, so please do ease back into things. We wouldn’t want anyone to strain themselves.

It feels fuzzy, but the forgettable road trip is firmly in the rear view. The feelings of angst around the team have been obliterated with an outstanding performance by John Tavares against the Flyers and their well known coach. Life is good.

The last two days have been the sunny side of Easy St. One game in five nights helps people forget.

Ok, so maybe things haven’t been quite that lovely, but for those of you who want a break to relish the win, I won’t stand in your way.

The reality is a touch more coarse and you need to be ready for a few rough ones.

Our preview of tonight’s game against the Boston Bruins will be out later this morning.

Maple Leafs shuffle the roster

I don’t like how this sounds for Muzzin. This also sets up....

Leafs Nicolas Aubé-Kubel placed on waivers

Shame. I liked everything I read about him too. This only upsets me if he gets claimed by the eventual cup winner again.

Scout’s Analysis: Maple Leafs reality check from a hockey operations perspective

Everyone has thoughts if you give them time

Toronto Maple Leafs To-Do List

Idle hands...

The Marlies defeated the Rocket last night, and Graham Slaggert scored his first pro-hockey goal in the game. Slaggert was undrafted, but was signed for one year by the Marlies after spending four years at Notre Dame; he was actually born in South Bend, Indiana.

Don Sweeney sheds light on reasoning behind Bruins signing Mitchell Miller


Maple Leafs’ Timothy Liljegren Explains How Hernia was Discovered

I’m not sure I wanted to think about this.

Sometimes irrational thoughts run rampant. It is important to take a step back and breathe. Oxygen to your brain is generally considered a crucial element for good decision making.

Good luck out there today folks!