Welcome back to another episode of Back to Excited. Today, we discuss:

  • [2:42] Fulemin rants about how people react to ‘playoff injuries’
  • [14:53] Our trust in Kyle Dubas
  • [31:23] The Leafs are very young and very good
  • [36:43] We defend Mike Babcock against some of the criticism he has received
  • [51:55] William Nylander ripping up the World Championships (he got another assist as I wrote this)
  • [57:32] Rasmus Sandin blowing away our expectations
  • [1:02:50] Mitch Marner is going to get overpaid, but he’s also an amazing player that is a joy to watch./

As always, you can find us on iTunes and Soundcloud. Let us know what you’re optimistic about regarding the Leafs, and of any topics you’d like us to cover in the offseason.