On Sunday, Leafs’ twitter lost their minds with news that Kyle Dubas was in New York watching the Rangers-Flames game. Clearly, he was scouting players on either team for a Nylander trade.

Except it turns out he was in New York mostly to meet with Nylander’s agent, who lives in New York, and likely just went to the game while he was in town.

Yesterday, there was then news that Kyle Dubas was was in Philadelphia to watch the Flyers-Hurricanes game. With Nylander’s agent not also living in Philadelphia, more speculation about a scouting outing for a Willy trade were rampant! But once again Bob McKenzie put those rumours to bed.

At this point in time, Dubas is scrambling all over the globe... trying to unlock the secret, find the magic amulet, do SOMETHING that will get Nylander to sign.

I would read this spy thriller. Someone write it!

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MLHS staff wrote out a full transcript of Bob McKenzie’s comments on the Nylander situation

Have a great Tuesday everyone!

What will happen on the Nylander front this week?

He signs a bridge deal102
He signs a long-term deal60
He gets traded28
Nothing happens, the stalemate continues196