On Saturday night’s second intermission, Elliotte Friedman talked about hearing that the Nashville Predators are in their division’s basement and not looking like they’ll make a playoff push anytime soon. So, they’re open to making a bunch of moves to maybe start a rebuild. According to Friedman, the Preds only have three “untouchables”:

  • Roman Josi
  • Ryan Ellis
  • Pekka Rinne(?!?!)/

Now, the Preds aren’t exactly a great team for a reason, but they still have some interesting players. The question is, how will this affect the Leafs? Are there any players who would look good in a Toronto Maple Leafs jersey?

Well let’s list all the players they have who are actually good that were NOT included in the untouchables list:

  • Filip Forsberg — 2 years left at $6 million AAV
  • Viktor Arvidsson — 4 years left at $4.25 million AAV
  • Mikael Granlund — just this year at $3.75 million AAV
  • Erik Haula — just this year at $1.75 million AAV
  • Eeli Tolvanen — just this year left on his ELC, then an RFA
  • Mattias Ekholm — 2 years left at $3.75 million AAV
  • Dante Fabbro — 1 year ELC left at $925K, then is an RFA
  • Ben Harpur — 1 year left hahahaha sorry just kidding/

Forsberg and Arvidsson would both be very good additions to the Leafs’ top 6, but are likely too expensive to fit under the cap. Granlund is apparently the “top 6” forward that Friedman thought the Leafs would trade for already, since he says the two sides talked a lot during the off-season but couldn’t make the money work. He may be the more realistic option, but doesn’t move the dial as much.

Ekholm is someone we’ve talked about for years, it seems like. But by now the fit doesn’t seem to be there. Our top two pairs are pretty set, and he isn’t even a righty to displace Holl.

Two interesting ones could be Dante Fabbro or Eeli Tolvanen. Both used to be two top prospects, who have yet to really break out in the NHL yet. Fabbro is a RHD and still 22, which is only a year older than Liljegren, and has played last season and this one in the NHL. You get them to help fill up your young, cheap depth who are still cost controlled as RFAs.

I don’t think the Leafs make a move for any of them, to be honest. If I had to pick one as the most likely I’d say Granlund just because his contract is the easiest to make work and apparently the Leafs have been interested in him recently according to Friedman.

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