That was a fun preseason game. The Toronto Maple Leafs got their first shot at beating the Montreal Canadiens in the preseason, after the Toronto Marlies managed it the previous game.

The Leafs looked dominant for most of their 3-0 win, and especially in the third period. They had some calls (and lack of reviews) go their way a couple of times, but we saw as much as we would have liked to.

Rasmus Sandin had a 90% CF% to lead the team which is hilarious (also some great usage via Babcock and co). The best part is that comes from the strength of only 2 shot attempts against him all game. In all, only one Leafs player had a CF% below 50% for the game.

I know it’s the preseason, and that was the Leafs best (pretty much) against the Habs sort of best, bt that was a mix of a good effort by Toronto and a poor one from Montreal. I know some are expecting big things from Montreal this year, and maybe preseason shouldn’t change anyone’s mind, but I wasn’t really buying it before and I’m buying it less now.

I rest my case.

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There’s no video or mention of it that I can see, but Leafs’ prospect Mikhail Abramov got his first point — a PP assist — last night for the Victoriaville Tigres, and added 5 shots to boot.

Some good news out of Newfoundland:

About Auston Matthews...

Fulemin wrote a good piece about the situation — as we knew it at the time — yesterday. If you have thoughts about it, please share them in the comments for that article and please be civil and level-headed.


Matthew Tkachuk signed a bridge deal with the Calgary Flames

The Pittsburgh Penguins ran out this lineup for their preseason game last night.

All you nerds mocked the Penguins for signing Tanev to his contract, but look at him now! That’s top line RW Brandon Tanev to you, and—

What’s that? I’m being informed he scored a goal and I need to delete my account. Well, shit.

Good news out of Seattle, as they announced their pro-scout hires.

Have a great Thursday everyone!