Well that didn’t take long...

GOAL: Tomas Tatar buries a gift of a bounce. 1-0 Habs.

Bit of an unfortunate bounce off a Leafs’ skate right to Tatar, who was all alone at the side of a wide open net.

The Leafs’ top line came back with a really good chance.

Our young smol wonderboy trying to make his mark in the NHL.

GOAL: Oh, so that’s what a powerplay goal for looks like. 2-0 Habs.

Everything that could go wrong, has gone wrong so far.

First Period Thoughts

Offense: It was a poor period all around. They didn’t get bounces, they didn’t get powerplays, and they didn’t play well. They only had 8 shot attempts, 3 shots on goal, and one good scoring chance.

Defense: Montreal, on the other hand, had 25 shot attempts, 12 shots on net, and 6 scoring chances. It resulted in 79% expected goal share for Montreal.

Special Teams: No powerplays, and allowed a powerplay goal by Montreal. Not great.



More shots please.

That’s the stuff!

GOAL: Marner sets up Matthews for a beautiful goal. 2-1 Habs.

GOAL: John Tavares creates goals from chaos. 2-2 tie game!

GOAL: By law, Josh Anderson scores against the Leafs. 3-2 Habs.

Matthews still hunting for more goals.

Second Period Thoughts

Offense: Much better period. The Leafs had 25 shot attempts, 13 shots on goal, and 8 scoring chances.

Defense: It was a better but just okay period for defense. They gave up 14 shot attempts, 7 shots on goal, and 6 scoring chances. That’s as many scoring chances against as they gave up last period.

Special Teams: They had one powerplay that didn’t score. And water is wet.



Thank you Jack.

Thank you Campbell x2

GOAL: Habs score an empty net goal. 4-2 Habs.

Third Period Thoughts

Offense: The Leafs generated almost no offense at all this period.

Defense: They didn’t give up much on defense either, but the offense was a problem. They only had 3% of the expected goal share with less than 4 minutes in the period.

Special Teams: Another powerplay chance, another zero goals.