An unnamed NHL blogger (me, it’s me) has allegedly said that Mitch Marner’s camp is now seeking a 2 year contract. This flies in the face of the 3, 5 or 6 year deals that James Mirtle reported the Leafs had extended to Marner earlier this week.

This new rumour comes right after Mark Evans from Fox was quoted in an interview with The Big Lead:

During an hour-plus long conversation with The Big Lead, Evans opened the door to several interesting subjects and provided us with insights on everything from the developing relationship between gambling and sports, the future of live sports distribution, and Fox’s role in the current and future of American sports coverage, which is where we’ll start today....

Fox has also expanded its coverage of niche sports like surfing, bowling, car racing and others in addition to its NFL, MLB, FIFA and college football portfolio. So where else could Fox go?

“Hockey,” Evans said. “Hockey’s [TV rights] are up after two more seasons. That could be a place that we’d like to delve back into.”

Hmm, a new NHL expansion team will be starting their first season in 2021/22, which is two seasons after this coming one. Hockey’s TV rights in America will be ending right around that same time, and the NHL will hope for a fat new contract (or contracts).

You want a salary cap going way up? Because that’s how you get the NHL salary cap to go way up.

A month or two ago, I believe it was Friedman that first theorized that a bridge deal with a big AAV (for a bridge deal) might be the best way for the Leafs to get Marner signed. He gets his status deal, the Leafs get him at an AAV for less than $10 million (I hope), and Marner is set up for a huge new deal after the bridge deal is over.

And 2-3 seasons from now it seems like the NHL will be poised for a big increase in the salary cap.

I know Mirtle and others have thrown around big numbers for what even a bridge deal would take. 3 years at $8.75 million seems... a lot. Not too long ago Kucherov set the record for AAV on a bridge deal at $4,766,667 over 3 years, so Marner’s would be almost double that.

Whether it actually winds up being 2 years like I joked, or 3 years when maybe the cap has more time to feel the effects of the Seattle expansion and the new TV deal, I am hoping the AAV comes at or even a bit less than that number Mirtle threw out. The Leafs will undoubtedly throw everything in signing bonuses at him, but maybe they also structure the deal so the salary paid in the final year is, say, in the area of Matthews. That would set up his next contract to be at or over that Matthews AAV at the very least.

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