Pssh. Preseason doesn’t even matter!

The Maple Leafs get to redeem themselves tonight after an anticlimactic first loss at the training camp scrimmages Tuesday against the Ottawa Senators. They lost 3-1, with Kasperi Kapanen getting the lone goal of the evening for Toronto.

You can check out our recap here.

Recap: Maple Leafs lose to the Senators in preseason game one

And the Game in Six here.

Also, coach Mike Babcock’s thoughts after the game.

Including this tweet about Frederik Gauthier that’s definitely not going to be taken too far by people terrified of his CF/60.

Some bright spots from the night include a lovely tribute for Bob Cole. Oh, Baby! I’d love to hear everyone’s favourite Bob Cole call in the comments below if you have any.

In case you forgot anyone’s new number, here’s a handy list from Katya.

Maple Leafs fans need to know: What’s your number?

For those who forgot how bad the bottom teams in the Atlantic Division were last season, Omar also started his Eastern Conference preview series. Don’t forget to follow his new Twitter. He’s going to be live-GIFing the Leafs all season from there!

Breaking Down the Eastern Conference Part 1:   Starting from the Bottom

In other news, check out how Evolving Wild’s salary cap projections from this summer have played out. The average is within half a percent of being exactly linear. Amazing work by them.

And, finally, Seldo loves the Sudbury Wolves!

Have a good Wednesday, everyone!