Yesterday was a day full of announcements. Most relevant for the Toronto Maple Leafs is the  first announcement from the NHL of the All-Star Game roster. For the Leafs, they will be represented by Auston Matthews and Jack Campbell. Matthews will be the captain for the Atlantic division, while Campbell will serve as their goalie.

Auston Matthews is no stranger to the All-Star Game, but this will be Jack Campbell’s first time to get the honour. Having a .935 save percentage — second in the league — will do that for you. It’s been quite the journey for him, and he’s done everything to earn it.

It’s good to remember that this is just the initial All-Star Game roster, but not the final one. If you’re mad at any Leaf, or player in general, has been snubbed so far, you should know how it works.

So now we get the fan vote to finalize the roster. Any Leaf that hasn’t been announced yet — like Tavares, Rielly or Nylander — may still get in if fans vote them in. I may be in the minority, but I give not a single shit for the All-Star Game so I don’t care if any Leaf player goes or not either.

The other big announcement concerning the Leafs yesterday was Team USA’s Olympic roster being released. Two Leafs’ prospects have made the list: Matthew Knies and Nick Abruzzese. The rest of the roster is full of mostly NCAA prospects, with the occasional veteran playing in Europe. Former Leafs like Nick Shore and Kenny Agostino are also on the team.

It’s Official: Matthew Knies and Nicholas Abruzzese are Olympians

Speaking of Knies and NCAA prospects, for those who want to see him in person before the Olympics come, TSN will be broadcasting both of the University of Minnesota’s games this weekend on TV and online.

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