After a lengthened holiday break because of the Omicron variant going HAM on most NHL rosters, the Leafs are set to return against the Ottawa Senators tomorrow evening. The more days pass, the more Leafs players are being removed from COVID protocol. Here is the updated list of players at practice, as of yesterday:

So the Leafs thankfully have almost all of their goalies back. Including Joseph Woll, who played for the Marlies yesterday against Belleville and stopped 45 of 47 shots for the win. The Marlies even more players affected by COVID than the Leafs did, so that’s a good sign.

However, we may see the Leafs — and other Canadian teams — have more postponements and a much more condensed schedule down the line. As more provinces and the federal government announce updated and more strict COVID protocols, the amount of people who can attend games has dropped to 1,000 people at most. Katya covered this in more detail here.

The above statement was also issued by the Toronto Raptors and the Toronto Marlies.

This is reportedly resulting in the Canadian teams wanting to push back more home games as much as possible, so when they have their home games later in the year these restrictions may be eased and they can have the most gate revenue possible. The NHL was reported to be looking at re-doing their schedules already, due to the holiday postponements, so we may see a road-trip heavy schedule for the Leafs coming up.

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Two Leafs’ prospects who have started playing again had good games recently. Joe Miller had two goals and an assist in yesterday’s win for the Chicago Steel.

Braeden Kressler had a goal and an assist the night before, and his goal was a last-minute tying goal to send it to overtime.

As anyone except Jim Matheson apparently expected, because this is how COVID cases have worked since the very beginning, a bunch more of the WJC teams had positive tests:

In other not surprising at all news, the Boston Bruins are reportedly close to signing Tuukka Rask to a new contract.

This was a fun story amid the chaos that Omicron is causing various professional hockey rosters.

Poor Max Pacioretty... he was having a career best season, with 12 goals and 21 points in only 16 games, but he’s already missed time this year and now will miss a lot more.

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