Here is Drew Doughty answering an inflammatory question about a team he does not play for.

I always found it sketchy when the media made it a point to ask players to cause a fire in Toronto during their 24 hour trips through here. The media eats it up, and the players love to do it, but it’s not real. It’s news that is made to make you, the target audience, mad.

Doughty, Brad Marchand, and Max Domi are trolls who say whatever they want. Think of them as travelling radio pundits when they get questions like this. There to make you mad and get under your skin. That is all they are in that moment. That is what the following clip is. Not honest analysis. Don’t be mad about it, roll your eyes and move on.

Or be like Jake Muzzin and laugh.

If you care about hearing both sides of a story, here’s Mike Babcock’s take on the Maple Leafs.

Injury update: Paul Hendrick has been listed as Day-to-Day with an upper and lower jaw injury retroactive to Sunday in order to accrue the most cap savings. Henny’s salary is, of course, priceless.

I always enjoy these stats from Dimitri Filipovic. It shows the Leafs so far this season being a team that is completely even in terms of time led, tied, or trailing. Not great, not bad, lots of obvious ways to improve (luck, injuries, call-ups). This season is not a disaster.

The Newfoundland Growlers made a few roster changes yesterday:

First, the goaltenders. The Anaheim Ducks organization assigned goalie Angus Redmond to on a loan. In a corresponding move, the Growlers have released Patrick Munson.

At forward, Zach O’Brien was reassigned from the Toronto Marlies back to the Growlers. O’Brien is an ECHL veteran, and the new vet rule states that all ECHL vets must play five AHL games in order to be eligible for the ECHL playoffs.

Meanwhile, Giorgio Estephan and Aaron Luchuk have been called up to the AHL. The Marlies play Wednesday morning in Rockford (school day game).

Connor McDavid joined the league in his prime and has been getting better even since. Unbelievable.