Good morning and welcome to the Tuesday edition of From The Branches. I will be your guide today; please follow me.

After a couple of wins and an off-day the Leafs should be back in action to prepare for the next game against Nashville. That one runs Wednesday at 7:30 PM, and is the first of another back-to-back for the Leafs. They head to Detroit to play again Thursday and continue on to Boston for HNIC. Should make for an interesting week.

There wasn’t a whole lot of Leafs specific news given the off-day, but we do have some fun pulled together here this morning.

I’m honored to be able to post this article. Never mind the time I tried last week when it wasn’t published. The crew gets together to reflect on the T25U25. Hype can be misleading.

T25 revisited: Once again, we were wrong in our analysis

Some folks are being a little quick to judge Morgan Rielly on his play returning from injury. No one I know, but still. Arun has his back in this one.

Maple Leafs’ Morgan Rielly undeserving of polarizing response to recent struggles

It probably is time that trade deadline coverage comes to the front burner.

20 impactful NHL trade candidates you’ll hear about before the deadline

Scouting Report:

And the shoutout twice over to Omar

Here’s the official details of the much anticipated trade of Shane Wright from the Kingston Frontenacs to the Windsor Spitfires. I’m sure the conditional(!) draft pick in 2025(!!) in the 14th round(!!!)  is what balanced things out to make the trade happen.

While I’m sure there are plenty of mid-season musings out there, the official version will be out for consumption before long.

Stay sharp, stay safe, and enjoy your Tuesday.