Last night was the NHL draft lottery that determined the fate of franchises! Going in, the main story was would Ottawa’s pick that they traded to Colorado in the Duchene deal wind up turning into Jack Hughes!

Spoiler: it didn’t, it didn’t even turn into Kappo Kakko or whoever the third overall pick winds up being.

But even before that was determined, the real story became Taylor Hall’s brilliant commentary. It started with this...

And after New Jersey was announced as the winner of the lottery, it led to these:

The other two winners of the lottery wound up being the New York Rangers (meh) to draft 2nd, and the Chicago Blackhawks (BOOOO!) to draft 3rd.

So here’s how the draft order has been determined so far, which is just the non-playoff teams:

  1. Devils
  2. Rangers
  3. Blackhawks
  4. Colorado (via Ottawa)
  5. Kings
  6. Red Wings
  7. Sabres
  8. Oilers
  9. Ducks
  10. Canucks
  11. Flyers
  12. Wild
  13. Panthers
  14. Coyotes
  15. Canadiens

So good news for the Leafs, as none of the top 5 picks will go to a division opponent.

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Have a happy Wednesday y’all!