For many years, Canadians have celebrated our national holiday — the July 1st NHL free agency day — by sitting by our radios, televisions, and now our computers and smartphones waiting for something big and exciting to happen. Traditionally, we always wind up bored and annoyed that the biggest deal was some 3C getting overpaid to be a 2C or something.

This year might be different, for at least one team. John Tavares went through Friday without announcing any decision, or to tell any of the 6 teams he’s choosing between -- New York Islanders, Toronto Maple Leafs, San Jose Sharks, Dallas Stars, Tampa Bay Lightning, and Boston Bruins — that he has eliminated them as a choice.

I don’t know if Tavares is just trolling all the MSM people who just want to get to their cottages for the weekend, or if he’s just really torn about this decision. He has until Saturday at 11:59 PM to choose the Islanders if he wants an 8 year deal from them, so if he makes that decision we’ll probably hear about it sometime Saturday morning or afternoon.

Depending on who you ask, and there are a lot of people wanting to tell you about what inside scoop they have who are full of shit, he’s leaning towards staying in New York, with San Jose and then Toronto as the next two likely choices in that order.

If this follows the Canadian tradition, he’ll announce at some point early Saturday morning that he has chosen to sign with some Swiss league team and give two fingers to all the MSM and social media rumour mongers who just want to let you know that they heard from Tavares’ father’s uncle’s co-worker’s neighbour’s dentist what Tavares is thinking. That way we all wind up disapponted.

Well, except both Montreal’s MSM pissbabies who are butthurt about Tavares refusing to even meet with the Habs management, and Vancouver fans who are convinced that the Leafs signing Tavares the Leafs will HAVE to trade Nylander to them for their old, consistently injured defenseman with declining performance and only one year left on his contract.

Can you tell I’m tired of all this shit? I don’t care who he picks I just want him to do it as soon as possible so it can all go away and we can all go back to talking about what really matters. Getting over-excited about prospects in development and rookie camp who probably won’t ever make the NHL. JUST LIKE GOD INTENDED!

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Have a great long weekend everyone!

Who do you ACTUALLY think Tavares will sign with?

New York Islanders151
San Jose Sharks68
Toronto Maple Leafs248
Tampa Bay Lightning12
Dallas Stars5
Boston Bruins7
HC Davos5
Metallurg Magnitogorsk22
Frölunda HC9
Toronto Marlies26