With Pierre Engvall being called up to the Leafs, to the high pitched scream of delight from Hardev, it’s time to answer that age old question that our readers ask us in droves, every single day...

Who is the best Leafs’ 7th round draft pick of all time?

I think it’s finally time to answer that question, once and for all. I looked at Hockey DB’s database of Leafs draft picks by year, and I looked specifically at the 7th round. I did not include players drafted in later rounds in past years. I’ll start the list with the most recent picks by year, until I got bored and just included guys with any real NHL experience.

2019: Kalle Loponen — still in the OHL

2018: Zachary Bouthillier — still in the QMJHL; Semyon Kizimov — still in the VHL

2017: Ryan O’Connell — still in the NCAA

2016: Nikolai Chebykin — still in the VHL

2015: Nikita Korostelev — in the ECHL, not in the organization anymore.

2014: Pierre Engvall — just called up to the NHL

2013: Andreas Johnsson — 58 points in 104 NHL games

2012: Viktor Loov — 2 points in 4 NHL games, not in the organization anymore

2009: Barron Smith — last played for Tofield Satellites in NCHL in 2015/16

2008: Andrew MacWilliam — still active in AHL, has 12 NHL games in his career

2007:  Carl Gunnarsson — 133 points in 594 NHL games, just won a Cup.

2006: none

2005: Anton Stralman — 248 points in 769 NHL games; Chad Rau — 9 NHL games, now playing in Glasgow

2004: Maxim Semenov — still playing in the KHL

2003: Jeremy Williams — 11 points in 32 NHL games, now playing in Germany

1997: Scott Thornton — 102 points in 705 NHL games.

1990: Eric Lacroix — 137 points in 472 NHL games.

No other Leaf player drafted in the 7th round had more than a handful of NHL games in their entire careers. So the lesson we should learn here is: always pick a Swede with your 7th round pick!

Also, the correct answer is Anton Stralman. Sorry Hardev! Engvall has some ways to go still.

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Have a happy Tuesday everyone!

Who was the Leafs’ best 7th round pick ever?

Andreas Johnsson43
Carl Gunnarson30
Anton Stralman88
Pierre Engvall6