Not too long ago, Winnipeg Jets* fans earned one of the three stars of the game for equalling exactly 15,016 in attendance. More recently, Nassau Coliseum earned one of the three stars for having the Isles play a playoff game in it.

I think it’s time that the Leafs stop selfishly hogging the three stars among their players, when the real heroes of the team continue to go unacknowledged. Therefore, I present to you the three stars of the Toronto Maple Leafs:

Third Star — Carlton the Bear
Carlton doesn’t make many appearances these days, mostly due to the pandemic. But he’s also been staying behind the scenes, running soup orders from Jack Campbell to John Tavares while he recovers from his injury. His unwavering support and enthusiasm for the team earns him the third star.

Second Star — Canada
The Toronto Maple Leafs would be nothing without this great nation of ours. It gave birth to the sport we love, and it chose Toronto to be the center of the universe — not just for hockey, but indeed it serves as the important cultural and intellectual hub for all of Canada.

First Star — This Hot Dog Stand
One lone hot dog cart, plying his street meat wares in a battle to singlehandedly nourish one of the Leafs’ most important players. This level of dedication and going to the dirty areas is truly an inspiration to us all.

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