Honestly, there is not much going on in Leafs land right now... we’re all just waiting for the puck to drop on round 1. But in between then, there are podcasts to record. And on this episode of Back to Excited, we discuss:

  • The (expected) decision to play Leo Komarov over Andreas Johnsson
  • How Dominic Moore sealed his fate with his poor performance against New York
  • The success of Tyler Bozak away from Mitch Marner
  • Marner’s supernova play as of late/

We also veer away from the Leafs and discuss the league at large, including:

  • How we see the best teams in the league
  • Why we STILL aren’t fully taking Vegas seriously as a contender
  • Eric Staal’s resurgence
  • The disgusting contracts the Islanders have signed
  • aaand talk about what exactly the term ‘valuable’ means as it pertains to the Hart Trophy! Fun times./

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Thanks for listening!