Welcome back to another episode of Back to Excited.

Today, we’re lucky enough to have Alan Wells, Managing Editor of Raw Charge on the podcast. Alan is one of the smartest hockey analysts out there, and we got to pick his brain about the Leafs, Lightning, Bruins, and where NHL free agency is potentially headed.

In particular, we discuss:

  • Alan’s take on the Lightning [2:35]
  • The difficulty in rooting for a contender [6:48]
  • The concerns Alan has about the Lightning [10:00]
  • Whether the Lightning should be willing to give up Mikhail Sergachev for Erik Karlsson [13:02]
  • How awful the Sens are [18:25]
  • The state of the Atlantic Division [24:00]
  • Alan’s take on the Leafs [26:30]
  • Whether the Leafs defensemen are that bad [32:30]
  • The Leafs coaching in general [36:45]
  • How the Leafs compare to Boston [40:30]
  • How much we hate Brad Marchand [46:00]
  • How much we hate Zdeno Chara [49:00]
  • How bad the Sens are (again) [52:00]
  • Whether teams are adjusting their behaviour in free agency [1:01:58]
  • The future of NHL free agency [1:03:54]
  • Making fun of the Habs [1:10:35]/

As always, you can find the podcast on Soundcloud, iTunes, and everywhere else. Let us know how you see the division shaking out, and your thoughts on the podcast in general.

You can follow Alan on Twitter (@loserpoints), as well as Fulemin and I (@atfulemin, @arvi). He’s a great follow, so I highly recommend it.

Thanks for listening!