On the twelfth day of free agency, Kyle Dubas signed for cheap...

One, Garrett Wilson

Two, Pontus Åberg

Three, Kalle Kossila

Four, Tyler Gaudet


Six, Nick Shore

Seven, Kenny Agostino

Eight, Jason Spezza

Nine, Kevin Gravel

Ten, Teemu Kivihalme

Eleven, Ilya Mikheyev

Twelve, Joseph Duszak

All jokes aside, what I find especially funny about this hilarious amount of people Dubas has signed is that if you add up all their AAV it only comes to $8,317,500 — that’s like, two thirds of a Mitch Marner! And I’d say goodbye to all of them if Mitch would just re-sign. Do it for me, Mitchell!

My brain is fried right now so this is all for the FTB. I met with our wedding caterer tonight and got home late. We’re having butternut squash ravioli and short ribs. Share your wedding food (or just general) wedding hot takes in the comments!

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