Yesterday, Kyle Dubas decided to finish up the rest of his required tasks for the off-season. He shored up the organization’s goalie depth and expansion draft need by signing Michael Hutchinson to a two year deal. Then he signed the Leafs’ final free agent in RFA Joey Anderson to a pretty sweet three year deal.

At this point, there are no more glaring holes to fill, and no more UFAs or RFAs to sign. The 2021 Toronto Maple Leafs roster is set, and they can make it cap compliant pretty easily by running with 21 players. There will be a pretty fierce battle for the last spots among the forward and defensive depth.

That’s not to say that Dubas won’t make any other moves, but now there are no more moves he needs to make. He can be patient between now and the end of training camp, whenever that is. There are UFAs left who may get desperate. There are other teams who may still need to get compliant, or have a desperate need for a goalie or more depth on their rosters. Hey, wouldn’t you know it the Leafs have a lot of depth at every position now!

More than likely, this is it though. These are the players that will make up the Leafs, and the Marlies if/when that season comes. The only additional signings they may make are to specifically fill the AHL.

On defense they’ll likely have Sandin, Liljegren, Rosen, Kivihalme, Marincin, Rubins, Duszak, Hollowell, Kral, Warsofsky, and the newly signed Noel Hoefenmayer and Riley McCourt to pick from. That’s 12 guys for 6 spots in the lineup.

On forward, they’ll likely have some combination of Brooks, Korshkov, Petan, Anderson, Gaudet, Agostino, Kossila and whatever cuts from their training camp don’t crack the opening night roster such as Boyd or Malgin. Then there are some new arrivals, like Rourke Chartier, Jeremy McKenna or Scott Sabourin, as well as ECHLers from last year like Justin Brazeau, Colt Conrad, and Hudson Elynuik. Then Elite Prospects is telling me they also have Gordie Green and Bobby McMann and I’m pretty sure they’re made up people.

In goal they’ll have Hutchinson providing the veteran presents for Woll or Scott.

Honestly? That’s some depth, in every position. Not just complete filler depth either, they some guys who won’t be terrible as an emergency injury fill in.

So now we just patiently wait for probably 2+ months for training camp to come. Nervously watching Twitter in case Dubas drops one last unexpected bomb on us.

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