Can anyone stop Nikita Kucherov? Can anyone else keep pace with him to put up a good fight in the race for the Hart trophy?

After last night’s 5 point performance vs the Blue Jackets — that’s 5 primary points by the way — he now has 99 points in 60 games. He is 9 points ahead of the next closest player, Patrick Kane with 90 points. He is 16 points ahead of the third place player, which is McDavid with 83 points.

Is it possible that Kucherov can reach 120+, or even 130+ points, and not get the Hart? I’ve read enough people mention how he only has that many points because of the team he plays on, but honestly if that’s the argument let’s go through the other contenders:

  • Kane — plays with Toews, DeBrincat, Saad, Strome, and others who are putting up lots of points too.
  • Gaudreau — plays with Monahan, Lindholm, Giordano, Tkachuk.
  • MacKinnon/Rantanan — plays with each other, plus Landeskog and Barrie./

Basically if Kucherov doesn’t win the Hart this season because of that argument, it should go to McDavid for having to play with a rotating cast of waiver pick up trash and occasionally Draisaitl. It will be incredibly funny/stupid if McDavid DIDN’T win the Hart last year, but does this year. Please do not let that happen though.

I’m starting to think this will be a weird year where a defenseman or goalie wins it, somehow.

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I added this section solely because of the bonkers game between the Blackhawks and Sens last night. After one period it was 5-4 Hawks. After two periods it was 7-5. By the time the game ended it was 8-7, that’s 3+ goals in every period. Hope y’all had some of the big performers on your fantasy teams!

Ovechkin is the greatest goal scorer of all the time and I will not hear any argument to the contrary. He is going to score 30+ goals a season for the next ten seasons or something stupid.

Oh yeah and the Leafs are taking on the Blues, who have won 9 games in a row, or something. GO LEAFS GO!