I’ve been doing these sorts of quick recaps, basically just notes when one of the Leafs prospects does something noteworthy. I’ve shared them in the comments, so why not use it as an easy way to write an FTB!

Team Russa vs Team Austria

#27 - Rodion Amirov

#9 - Mikhail Abramov

Artur Akhtyamov got the start for Russia, and looked good with limited pressure coming from Austria. He let in one goal but did make a few nice saves when he had to. Between the dominant game from Russia and it being goalie-talk, I can’t say more than that.


  • 15:56 — Amirov takes penalty shot, scores
  • 14:04 — Amirov used as 2nd defender on breakout, took pass at own blueline and carried/passed up for clean zone entry.
  • 13:21 — long cycle shift for Abramov line, retrieved some loose pucks on rebounds with 4 shot attempts.
  • 12:57 — Abramov blocked pass attempt from behind the net into slot.
  • 10:52 — Amirov received pass in neutral zone, carried in for zone entry, started give and go where he had scoring chance.
  • 6:17 — extended offensive zone shift for Amirov line. He and Podkolzin did heavy lifting on cycle along the boards. Amirov gets 2A on pass back to point, point shot, Podkolzin rebound goal. Real nice shift for those two.
  • 1:54 — Abramov comes on mid-offensive zone possession, has nifty give-and-go curl around the blueline that set up a shot attempt.
  • 1:12 — right off the faceoff in Dzone, Amirov jumps up and steals a faceoff loss, turning it into easy zone exit and a rush the other way. Very smart, very fast./


  • 18:48 — Abramov picks up lob pass in neutral zone, blows around defender and gets chance in close.
  • 12:54 — Amirov takes pass in neutral zone, carries into Ozone successfully. Pulls off nifty between the leg move and pass in front. Had a shot in front for good chance right after.
  • 10:06 — Amirov on PK picked up puck in Dzone, stopped on a dime to elude Austrian player and cleared it. It was good enough to earn a grunt of admiration from Ray Ferraro.
  • 5:44 — Amirov controlled zone entry
  • 4:42 — good cycling shift for Abramov, led to shot attempt.
  • 2:15 — Amirov skating... he did stuff like this a lot in the game:/
  • 0:40 — Amirov hopped off the bench and had shot at top of faceoff for clean shot.
  • 0:05 — Amirov zone entry and shot assist/


  • 18:36 — Abramov draws penalty after long Ozone possession and cycling.
  • 17:32 — Amirov jumps in to intercept pass intended to exit Austrian zone.
  • 14:00 — Amirov plays ridiculous passing in and around Austrian net with Podkolzin and Khustnutdinov. Didn’t score, but Amirov had great shot in the slot.
  • 10:44 —  Amirov with good chance in front on delayed penalty, Russia controlling the play with a few good chances.
  • 10:21 — Amirov pass for zone entry on PP.
  • 9:59 — Amirov with chance on 2 on 1 on PP, Austrian goalie with great glove save to rob the goal. This PP is awful though.
  • 5:56 — Abramov takes pass at red line, carries in for controlled zone entry, dangles Austrian defender with toe drag and tries to roof it but goalie saved it./
  • 2:26 — Abramov carried in for zone entry, set up shot assist in the slot. Got shot of his own on rebound. Got another shot moments later that he rang off the post/crossbar, which Russia scored off of rebound. A1 for Abramov. Great shift in Ozone./
  • 1:37 — Abramov wins faceoff, leads to goal for Russia. Abramov got the third assist on it./

Final notes

It’s hard to read too much into this. Russia should have dominated, and they did. The top line with Amirov were always generating chances, and Amirov had two points from their efforts. He was great in transition, looked dangerous in the offensive zone at even strength, and a bit of a bulldog on the PK. The whole team’s powerplay looked awful, aside from one rush chance he and Podkolzin generated.

Abramov looked good as well, and Russia used him more in the third period once the game was out of hand. He was an absolute beast on transition, whether he was passing or carrying the puck. In fact, he led Team Russia on combined zone entries and exits. He had as many as five shot attempts of his own, and had a few shot assists for his teammates as well. His line generated two quick goals late, one that he assisted on after ringing a hard wrist shot off the crossbar, and another that he would have had the third assist after winning the offensive zone faceoff. In fact, Abramov wound up finishing narrowly ahead of Amirov in terms of expected goals and primary assists according to Elite Prospects writer Mitch Brown’s tracking:

Now, I don’t want to overstate either Abramov or Amirov’s games. Austria may be the weakest team in the tournament, even considering Germany’s roster problems. But when facing the same opposition, he led the way over some of Russia’s other top players. He had good chemistry with Gritsyuk and Afanasiev on their second line. And with Chinakhov missing at least one game and potentially facing a serious leg injury, Abramov may have done enough to secure himself a spot in the lineup going forward as well.

As for Artur Akhtyamov... he is a goalie. I can confirm that much.

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