Last year, after losing in the finals of the World Junior Championship tournament, some of the players and coaches from Sweden faced controversy and suspensions from the IIHF for —[clutches pearls in horror] — taking off their silver medals in sadness during the medal ceremony. CHILDREN SAW THAT DISRESPECTFUL DISPLAY! CHILDREN! THEY SHOULD HAVE TAKEN THE LOSS WITH GRACE, LIKE A HOCKEY PLAYER!

This year, after being upset in the quarter-finals by Switzerland and being eliminated, many of the players are facing controversy again, this time for being out on the town partying in a bar and not looking sad enough, I guess. Hope y’all can read Swedish or know how to use Google Translate.

I have to say, what this year’s experience has taught me is that Patrik Laine was right all along: kids should be playing more Fortnite so they can be winners and stay out of trouble in bars, and not be sad losers like the Vancouver Canucks.

Patrik Laine won the World Juniors.

Elias Pettersson did not.

Checkmate, Swedes and Vancouverites.

Oh hey, guess who’s coming to town this weekend to play the Leafs? The Canucks, of course!

Except Pettersson, because of an injury he suffered this week. I am actually sad about this... I was looking forward to seeing him play live. Maybe he can work on his Fortnite game while he’s recovering and learn how to be a winner.

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The Marlies are back in the win column with a pretty dominant 5-1 over Albany. You can read a more lengthy summary/breakdown in Hardev’s twitter thread on the game here.

Wait, Greg McKegg is back in the NHL and he’s with Carolina now? THE LEGEND OF FARTFACE WILL NEVER DIE!


This is how drop passes get a bad rep.