Over the weekend the Toronto Marlies found out who would be their next opponent in the AHL semifinals and it’s... the Lehigh Valley Baby Annies Phantoms!

The Winnipeg Jets also made a pretty big win in their series opener vs the Vegas Golden Knights, and the Tampa Bay Lightning or lost badly vs the Washington Capitals again in game 2.

Finland was upset again at the World Championships, this time in OT to Germany. Mind you, they also beat Canada 5-1 on Saturday. Canada takes on Latvia Monday.

Does this seem like a dry opening to the FTB? It should. The big Leafs news about the Dubas hiring has come and gone and we still have to wait for the off-season to really begin for major trades, free agency, and the draft. We should see some re-signings before then, but, with the CHL and AHL seasons still going too, that hasn’t happened yet.

I also spent a lot of the weekend cleaning about 100 tonnes worth of cat and dog fur out of my apartment, which was rewarded with a family trip to the local cherry blossom park for Mother’s Day. It was a good time.

Before you ask.... yes, this dog picture was shamelessly used to distract from my drunk writer’s block for this FTB.

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Have a happy Monday everyone!

Does the dog picture make up for the boring FTB?